Business Directory Advertising is Power

Canadian businesses advertise in a variety of ways: in print, online, on billboards or buses, on television, and on the radio.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses advertise in the first place:

To Reach New Customers
The number ONE reason most businesses advertise is to get new customers. has visitors who are looking to spend their money right now. Why? It’s because we’re Canada business directory and US business directory our visitors use our advertising directory to find businesses like yours.

To Create Loyal Customers
Customers today have very little loyalty. This is probably because they are being bombarded by all sorts of advertising of better deals, better sales and better service. doesn’t hassle our visitors to come to Canadian online business directory; Our visitors come to our online directory looking for Canadian businesses who can service their needs, RIGHT NOW. Don’t let your customers forget who you are; and make sure you’re visible in our online business directories, If you are not visible within our online directory you will not be considered for that business. Find out how many people are looking for your service or product today.

To Be There When Customers are Ready to Buy
Immediate gratification is what it’s all about in today’s society. When we need something we want it right away. This is not necessarily because we’re inpatient; often it is because there is a real need or a lack of time to research the best products or research multiple companies. If you’re not in front of people when they are ready to spend their money for your service or product, and your competitor is you’ve lost that business to them. is a business advertising directory and is used by over thousands people. Make sure you are in our advertising so your customers can find you.

Create Brand Recognition (Familiarity)
People like to buy familiar brands. If you are currently running an ad campaign that is not online, then you are missing out on one of the fastest growing and most effective mediums of advertising. Take a look at how people surf the web in Canada. People surf while they are at work, while they are at home, and even while they are on the go. Canada is a growing country, and more and more Canadians are looking online for products, services, and information. By advertising online, you can help your business create brand recognition.

Generate Leads
Are you on the short lists of your potential customers? If not, you may be losing valuable business. Canadian restaurants, Canadian travel, Canadian furniture, Canadian lawyers, Canadian job sites, Canadian dentists, and more are all searchable online. Check for yourself. If you’re not in a Canadian online business directory like, you may not be considered by those people using our directory.

Generate Sales
No leads equals no sales. Make sure you are on your potential customers’ short lists. Advertise where your customers are looking. Advertise on We’ll even show you how many people you are missing out on month after month.

Keep the Momentum Going
Some of the most successful brands consistently allocate the same percentage of revenues toward advertising. Why you ask? It’s for all the above reasons.

Positive Image
A company that is usually consistently visible is perceived as healthy and successful. Make sure that you are running cost-effective advertising campaigns. Calculate your cost per impression and your cost per customer. It’s hard to do it with radio, print, and television, but easy to do with the internet.

If you’re looking to get new customers or generate brand awareness, make sure to include in your marketing mix. Hundreds of Canadian businesses are already advertising with us and consistently renew year after year. That really says something about who we are and what we can deliver.